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Shopping Rivals the Thrill of Finishing a Grand Prix

Shopping Rivals the Thrill of Finishing a Grand Prix

LONDON, October 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Ebay Unveils Pioneering Neuroscience Study, Revealing The Effects Of Shopping On The Human Brain Cutting-edge biometric study conducted by eBay compared the mindstates of Shop-y-cats (who follow the crowd, buying the same items as others) vs. Inspired Shoppers (intent on finding more personal, colourful and unique items)

84% of Inspired Shoppers experienced a prolonged high at check-out, comparable to a high felt by Formula 1 driver finishing a circuit

By contrast, Shop-y-cats felt constantly exhausted, with an accumulative 30% increase in mental fatigue every ten minutes while shopping

Experts unlocked the secrets to more inspired shopping by isolating Gamma brainwaves,scientifically linked to creativity and extreme pleasure

Results show Brits can train their brains to stay in the inspiration zone and shop better by staying present, still and calm

To combat beige shopping, eBay announces The Art of Shopping; an experimental space opening in Central London on Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th October 2017      (Photo: ) Can shopping be better than sex? eBay, the online marketplace, has conducted groundbreaking neuroscientific research into how beige shopping vs inspired shopping can either deliver moments of fatigue or prolonged highs in the brain. Partnering with mind-tech experts, MyndPlay, data analytics collated from EEG (electroencephalogram) monitoring and qualitative data unveils some astounding insights about how Brits can put the inspiration, satisfaction and pleasure back into shopping.

Shop-y-cats vs Inspired Shoppers: 

The exploratory experiment uncovered that British buyers psychologically fall into two opposing behaviour sets: Self-confessed 'Shop-y-cats' who make up nearly half (49%) of the population, admit to often buying items for themselves simply to fit in and 'keep up with the Joneses'. Mostly men, these, shop-y-cats experienced a short-lived rush at check-out after making a purchase, observed behaavourial psychologists

82% of Shop-y-cats also felt the pressure to fit in whilst browsing increased mental fatigue by 30% every 10 minutes

This is in sharp contrast with Inspired Shoppers who embrace a more intuitive approach, purchasing unique things they truly want, as an expression of their individuality. Brain monitors showed that 84% of Inspired Shoppers experience a prolonged mental high, nearly twice that of shop-y-cats and comparable to aFormula 1 driver finishing a race Enter the inspiration zone: 

But it seems shoppers are out-of-practice when it comes to experiencing retail euphoria. When asked to find a unique item, 89% of participants found it mentally laborious. However, the study uncovers that getting into the inspiration zone and achieving optimum enjoyment, simply requires shoppers to maintain a mindstate of being present, still and calm.

"Shopping is personal. It's a reflection of what makes you, you. eBay is encouraging Brits to reject the boring and beige and to stop shopping like everybody else. Instead, we want shoppers to be bolder and express their individuality. This fascinating research gives great insight into the highs that can be achieved when you hit the zone of inspiration and shop like nobody else," commented Vice President of eBay UK, Rob Hattrell. 



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