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MOLSI Productions Musical Album

MOLSI Productions Musical Album "Outside Forces" and Fiercely Criticizes the "Ineffective and Socially Irresponsible Cancer Industry"

MOLSI Productions releases music album "Outside Forces" In time for the Grammy Awards

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- On January 20th, 2018 MOLSI Productions released its third musical album release in three weeks' time. The artist, Jack Molsi, (who also goes by "MOLSI") noted that he was "rudely interrupted" from putting the finishing touches on his recent avant-pop album "Uprise/Downstream" so that he could focus on releasing a "God-Forsaken political alternative rock album" just in time for this year's Grammy Awards. According to the artist, Jack Molsi, he had "no choice" but to release a political album leading up to the long-revered awards ceremony presented by the Musical Recording Academy.

The title of the new album release is "MOLSI – Outside Forces" and the album features a song that MOLSI titled "The Cancer Industry". According to MOLSI, "there are so many non-for-profits, multinational corporations and hospital chains profiting off of the cancer diseases that it breaks my heart." MOLSI continued by saying, "We have a cancer epidemic in this country and around the world. It seems to only be getting worse before it's getting better. It is a life-altering disease that causes families chronic pain and the treatments available for this disease are both ineffective and insanely unaffordable." MOLSI went on to say, "I very much hope that just one artist at the Grammys brings to the public eye this ongoing cultural tragedy. I personally have had enough of Democrat v Republican talking points from artists at the national award shows. These partisan talking points accomplish zero societal good. The artists in this country need to be brave and focus on social issues that actually make a meaningful difference for the average citizen. Too many musicians are out of touch with the common man and they wishfully rave on a high-horse about pet causes that at the end of the day are not very important. If the music industry, the tech companies, the mass media outlets, and our Federal Government were to genuinely focus on curing cancer it could be accomplished tomorrow. Sadly, the cancer industry has become so lucrative for so many powerful elites that I honestly believe the cure for this disease has been intentionally suppressed for a very long time. Obviously, Big Pharma is not cut out for the job. They have failed miserably."

MOLSI concluded by saying: "It is 2018, and we are worse off on the cancer front that we were during the War era. What is going and how can fix this serious problem once and for all? We have Athletes redundantly wearing pink breast cancer ribbons on their helmets and cleats every single season and the money just pours in for these cancer organizations yet the tragic results and statistics don't ever improve…not even slightly." MOLSI's song "The Cancer Industry" is featured on the album "Outside Forces" which is available for listening free of charge on YouTube.

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