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Dutch MAG45 Appointed BD Asia MRO Supplier

Dutch MAG45 Appointed BD Asia MRO Supplier

SHANGHAI, July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Company delivers integrated supply solutions for four Asian sites  MAG45, worldwide supplier of supply chain management solutions and expertise, has signed an agreement with Becton Dickinson Asia. The contract involves an annual amount of >USD 10 million.

With the collaboration, BD wishes to move towards a professionally-managed 'Maintenance, Repair and Operating' (MRO) supply chain, to reduce the workload of end-users. This will allow the company to concentrate fully on its core business.

Currently, BD does not have proactive management of the MRO supply chain, logistics and other processes. The end-users, like technicians and work preparers, also spend a great deal of time on the work-floor searching, walking and waiting to obtain parts.

The agreement covers the delivery of parts for machine maintenance in a total of four of BD's Asian sites: three in Suzhou and one in Singapore. To support BD in Singapore, MAG45 has opened a hub there.

Becton Dickinson (BD) is a global medical and biosciences company with its headquarters in the US, with 40,000 employees worldwide and more than 10 billion dollars in sales.

Bauke Zeinstra, Managing Director MAG45: "I'm extremely proud to join Michael Mok, Senior Director Manufacturing Greater Asia with BD, in having placed my signature on this collaboration. The business development process has taken more than two years, and was led by MAG45's Chinese branch."


About MAG45

MAG45 is a worldwide supplier of supply chain management solutions and expertise. MAG45 is part of the Solar Group.

MAG45's headquarters are in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Alongside the Netherlands, MAG45 also operates in the Czech Republic, China, Singapore, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and America. MAG45 delivers integrated supply chain solutions. This may be the delivery of parts for machine maintenance (MRO) or parts for the production process (BOM).

MAG45 was established in 1948 as an internal Philips supplier. Now the company plays an international and leading role, and has built up an outstanding reputation, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, (high-tech) mechanical engineering and the FMCG sector. MAG45's promise is that it will achieve significant Total Cost of Ownership savings for its clients, particularly in terms of purchasing, logistics and processes. MAG45 achieves this by taking over entire processes, standardising them and setting them up more efficiently.

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