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AABB Accredited Relationship (DNA) Testing Laboratory

AABB Accredited Relationship (DNA) Testing Laboratory

IntelliGenetics, Atlanta's World-Class Leader in DNA Relationship Testing Services, Awarded Full Reaccreditation by AABB.

ATLANTA, Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- IntelliGenetics LLC, the only full-service DNA parentage/relationship testing laboratory in the Georgia/Alabama/Kentucky/South Carolina/Tennessee area, is proud to announce its reaccreditation by AABB.  After a day-long onsite inspection by a specially trained AABB Assessor, the laboratory was found to have no deficiencies in protocols, procedures, or approved testing processes.  "This perfect inspection is a tribute to IntelliGenetics' dedication to providing only the highest quality DNA testing services for all our clients," said Dr. Charles M. Kelly, the laboratory's Vice President and Technical Director.

"The Accreditation Program assesses the quality and operational systems in place within a facility.  The basis for assessment is compliance with AABB standards, Code of Federal Regulations, and other federal guidance documents," Dr. Laura G. Barrientos, the laboratory's President and Senior Scientist, explained.  "The rigorous AABB reaccreditation process not only provides reasonable assurance that IntelliGenetics meets or exceeds the conditions set by AABB, but also validates all our work reassuring clients they can continue relying on our laboratory for their DNA testing needs."  Specifically, IntelliGenetics has achieved excellence in the performance of ALL activities for which AABB has current accreditation programs, and they are:

Relationship Testing Activities—ALL



Based in Atlanta-Georgia, IntelliGenetics is privately-owned and -operated.  Its laboratory provides all aspects of the DNA relationship testing processes to its clientele.  Whether it's arrangement of sample collections outside the country for immigration testing, coordination of testing outside the immediate Atlanta area or nationwide, or relationship testing to the high degree of certainty demanded by local judiciaries or immigration authorities, IntelliGenetics provides a complete "beginning-to-end" service to its relationship testing clients.  And for anyone in need of Immigration DNA Testing, IntelliGenetics is an invaluable resource. The directive in FAM601.11-1(A)(b)(1-5) and AABB Standard/Guidance for Relationship Testing Laboratories 12th Edition state that the entire Immigration DNA Testing process must be conducted by an AABB-Accredited Laboratory.  IntelliGenetics fulfills this directive in its entirety.

IntelliGenetics has been AABB-Accredited for Parentage/Family Relationship DNA Testing activities for more than 15 years.  It has an outstanding record of perfect facility inspections and proficiency testing.  IntelliGenetics is conveniently located at 1788-A Century Blvd NE|Atlanta|GA-30345.  We can be reached at, or by phone at (404) 636-3815.  You can also order your DNA test by clicking

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