Consumer Watchdog, Public Patent Foundation Ask Appeals Court To Reject Key Human Embryonic Stem Cell Patent Held By Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

[2013-07-02] -

Only In California: Auto Insurance Costs Less Than It Did 25 Years Ago, Says New Analysis By Consumer Federation of America

[2013-06-19] - 1988 Insurance Reform Ballot Measure Proposition 103 A "Pocketbook Victory for California Consumers"

Consumer Watchdog Praises Mozilla For Taking New Steps To Protect Privacy Online

[2013-06-19] - 'Tracking Cookies' From Sites Not Visited Would Be Blocked By Default

Consumer Watchdog Urges Regulators to Block Google's $1 Billon Deal to Buy Waze

[2013-06-12] -

Consumer Watchdog: United Healthcare Sued for Discriminating Against HIV/AIDS Patients

[2013-06-11] - Recent Settlement in Similar Lawsuit Allows Anthem Blue Cross Patients To "Opt-Out" of Mandatory Mail-Order Rx Drug Program

You Can't Wear Google Glass At Internet Giant's Shareholder's Meeting; Consumer Watchdog Calls Restriction Hypocritical

[2013-06-06] -

Blue Cross To Allow HIV/AIDS Patients to "Opt-Out" of Mandatory Mail-Order Rx Drug Program, Announces Consumer Watchdog

[2013-05-23] - Blue Cross Settles Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination, Threats to Health & Privacy

Less Competition on Health Insurance Exchange Could Lead to Higher Rates Absent Health Insurance Rate Regulation

[2013-05-23] -

Auto Club of SoCal Agrees to Cut Car Insurance Rates By $70 Million, After Originally Proposing No Reduction

[2013-05-22] - Consumer Watchdog's Rate Challenge Leads to 4.1% Average Decrease For Company's California Policyholders

Father To Medical Association: Apologize, Our Children's Death Is Not A "Publicity Stunt"

[2013-05-21] -

CA Doctors Unaccountable for Harming Patients and the Public: Medical Board Took 4 Years to Suspend License of Doctor Who Bought Drugs & Alcohol for Kids

[2013-05-10] -

Advocates & Victims Thank Senate Leader For Holding Hearings On 38-Year-Old Damage Cap Law to Address CA Patient Safety Crisis

[2013-05-08] -

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